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Our staff of software engineers has decades of experience in the interactive entertainment and children’s entertainment and toy areas. Specialties include tool development, build engineering, animation, interface, hardware protocols and project management. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of development challenges. From animation to ZIF sockets, we can provide the skills and experience to support development from concept to code release. You can count on our team to make the best engineering choices involving software, electronic hardware, mechanical, support, and sourcing.


Our extensive programming capabilities range from low-level assemblers to high-level languages including C and Perl, with experience in a range of chip architectures and proprietary languages.

We are experienced in chip mastery for the best gameplay, sound quality and electronic performance for any particular IC, and are able to integrate related technologies (IR, RF ID, Serial Communication, etc.).

Efficiency, Cost and Speed to Market

Developing tools and systems that support content development at the lowest possible cost supporting the highest quality result with accelerated turnaround time has been a focus and hallmark of our recent efforts. We have built a sophisticated infrastructure of hardware, systems, and tools to support low cost, high quality, accelerated content and software development. These systems are supported by accurate and complete integrated documentation, workflow, and redundant back-up systems to ensure high quality results and faster speed to market.

Testing and Quality control

We have established and maintained end-to-end testing and QC of major platform products. Our full test and quality assurance program tools and bug database allow us to provide exhaustive and efficient testing to suit our clients’ requirements.


Our in house services include architecture, development project management, programming, testing, & build engineering, and software development for microcontrollers, chips, platforms and interface technologies from all major IC manufacturers.

Hardware and Electromechanical

Creativity, Inc. offers electrical, mechanical, BOM, schematics, rapid prototyping, production and factory support, OTP, EPROM, breadboard, black box, design and model fabrication— “looks like”, “works like”, “sounds like”—hardware support, testing and interface.

An extensive library of “homegrown” tools enables us to leverage institutional knowledge, manage large datasets, and maximize efficiency. We do master tool creation for efficient programming, content production and testing and verification, incorporate tools for efficient concatenation, script preparation and document control, and employ tools to support translation/localization.

Our development teams specialize in the efficient management of large data projects, including data and asset management, production tracking and project management.