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Case Studies

Although we are very proud of our work, we place a high value on our clients’ privacy. Because of that, we are not able to offer specifics of work that we’ve done. However, here are several general examples of the sort of solutions that we offer to our clients.

Project A:

  • Customer seeks innovative technology solution to support concept for play pattern in sports area
  • Creativity proposal to explore technologies, working with customer to identify target, needs, outline direction
  • Inspire and Creativity begin simultaneous research
  • Inspire provides working demo of solution rapidly
  • Technology: advanced RF low-cost interaction combined with innovative hardware interface
  • Proposal for prototype development accepted
  • Inspire simultaneously begins research for manufacturing solution in collaboration with customer’s China engineers

Project B:

  • Partner seeks “looks-like”, “works-like” advanced LCD and RFID model for interactive toy platform with specific BOM target
  • Partner and Creativity define and refine toy, interaction, desired features, prepare Flash movie
  • Inspire researches and develops hardware design, sourcing, costing and provides complete initial ex factory BOM
  • With further research and collaboration with IC and glass vendors, develop innovative solutions that raise the bar on performance and quality and cost to meet BOM target
  • Inspire (and CA) visit suitable China model maker identified by Inspire, secure NDA, proposal for model development at desired cost and schedule

Project C:

  • Customer moving into advanced electronics from non-electronic background selects Creativity for software development
  • Needs content, software and  hardware support
  • Inspire electronic design upgrades hardware for cost savings, greater reliability, to meet international regulations, and improve audio circuitry
  • Creativity updates software and schematic, and revises breadboard hardware version for domestic customer, tests new hardware and software versions and ships new version within 24 hours