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Maggie Bermudez, Playhut

His staff is wonderful and doing an amazing job.  he is very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people.


Alton Takeyasu, Mattel

Many thanks to you, and all at Creativity for your tremendous talents and hard work that got us to New York Toy Fair.
We were able to send a working demo of the Maniacs truck from Hong Kong overnight to Target which helped us impress their buyer enough to order two facings of product! Immediately after, we shipped the Toy Fair samples to the New York showroom.
Thank you for being a huge part of turning Maniacs from concept to production in a very short time.


Patty Jackson, VP, Tiger Electronics

Thank you to everyone for the great game play, animations and code. All of 
your efforts have allowed us to take gaming to a new level of sophistication 
and excitement


Michael Miller, Zizzle

We enjoy working with Creativity.  Time and time again we exclaim your work and use you as the standard for how projects are done.
Thank you again for your message, and thanks again to everyone at Creativity who has worked so hard to make our products successful.